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Australian. To vomit.
Have you ever wondered what it meant when they said "...and women chunder" in that 80's song, "Land Down Under"? Now you know.
#barf #puke #yarf #blow chunks #lose your lunch #vomit
by Caribou November 13, 2005
Pronounced durk. Secondary weapon of a Scottish warrior, after the claymore. The dirk is a long dagger, only slightly too short to be called a short sword. Blade in the range of 14 inches, commonly had only a bound handle, sometimes a small crosshilt.
The mighty warrior from the Highlands was a walking armory; he carried a claymore, a dirk, and a sgian dukh, along with his pack and shield.
#dagger #knife #sgian dukh #blade #claymore
by Caribou November 09, 2005
A word drunks use to describe a "bandana"; especially when someone is wearing it in a weird way that just makes them look retarded instead of cool and no one knows how to tell them to ditch the bandana
"What's up with your bandeezey?"
by Caribou May 28, 2003
Used as an expletive, can replace shit, damn, or any other such expletive as a less offensive and more humorous one.
Guy1: Dude, you just lost the game!
Guy2: BALLS!
#shit #damn #nuts #crap #darn #dang
by Caribou November 08, 2005
n. Pronounced (skee' in dhu) or (skeen dhu). A small knife of Scottish origin. Usually had an exceptionally sharp 2-3 inch blade on a handle of similar length. Typical 3rd weapon of Scottish warriors, after the claymore and dirk.

Often misspelled: skian dhu, skeen du, sgian duh, skeen dhuk, etc.
Tam the warrior carried a sgian dukh for silent or close quarters killing.
#knife #claymore #dirk #blade #skeen dhu #skian dhu
by Caribou November 09, 2005
A fart.
Hey, is there a snow frog in here?

That's your snow frog.
by Caribou September 22, 2003
A game involving a koosh ball. The players stand in a circle and throw a ball at each other trying to make others miss. If one drops the ball, they are out. Ends in a showdown between two players with throws resembling baseball pitches. Best if played outside, optimal for camping trips because all that is needed is a koosh ball. The name stems from koosh (the ball). Developed into kooch as the inventors were a group of men out of contact with women for two weeks.
Guy1: Let's go play some kooch.
Guy2: Alright. I'll beat you in the showdown.
#koosh #kootch #cooch #cootch #yerf
by Caribou November 08, 2005
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