Top Definition
Facebook spelled backwards
koobecaf > ecapsym
by AndreR July 27, 2008
The alter ego of facebook.

or Koobecafed:
Being unfriended on facebook.
Guy: That chick Stacy just koobecafed me... Not cool.
Other: Welcome to koobecaf.
by warrenbufffet August 07, 2011
what you try to log onto when you are drunk.
Person 1: Why the fuck can't i log onto koobecaf
Person 2: Its facebook, retard
Person 3: STFU
by partaaaaaaaaay May 08, 2010
1. An impersonator on Facebook
2. to mimic a famous person's profile or status updates on Facebook
Is there a Miley Cyrus koobecaf in your Facebook circle of friends?
by timlight January 29, 2010

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