ko'-ko' (n) One crazy mofo.
Hes a kokonut eh?
by Koko February 10, 2003
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koko is a Nigerian term which means "subject matter" or "most important thing"
no long thing, just tell them the koko
Nigerian slang.
In a range of concurrent sexual partners, the Koko is the girl/boy who gives the best sexual experience. Made popular by the "Kokomaster" singer D'banj in his song "my koko"
Make i tell them de koko o ah! make i tell them de koko D'banj tell them the koko! abi
by OBJ May 31, 2007
Haitian Creole for Vagina or pussy
se koko mwen beuzouen ! translate to; I only want pussy
by batonmoise October 24, 2010
With the perfect location and vintage decor, KOKO is notably the most famous haunt of North London’s Camden. Happily sitting on the badlands of Mornington crescent, KOKO is the centre piece of the thriving indie scene that so consumes Camden. With Previous acts such as The Kooks, The Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things, Lily Allen to name but a few, this club is sure to make it into the next century.

In the 1970s it became a live music venue, called The Music Machine, and in 1982 became the Camden Palace, and in 2004 it was redeveloped and renamed once again as KOKO, with a capacity of 1,500. The previous industrial fittings of the Camden Palace were removed and it was repainted in a dark red colour.
Since then it has hosted concerts for bands like of Coldplay, Madonna, and Babyshambles and has regular weekly club nights. The video for the Placebo's Because I Want You single was shot at the venue. Additionally, Testament's Live in London cd/dvd release was recorded and filmed on May 8, 2005 at Koko. The American Rock band My Chemical Romance played an exclusive private gig here, hosted by Radio 1 on 2 April 2007. The Channel 4 programme The Album Chart Show is recorded at Koko.
“We’re going to KOKO tonight, you coming?”
“No i’m busy. But next week there’s an amazing band previewing at KOKO. Come with me then instead.”
by Kate_UK May 14, 2007
shes clever, shes cute, shes great. This is a cheesy entry of love.
Liekwoah, Koko is my girlfriend.
by jessi December 12, 2003
KOKO = Keep On Keeping On. Used to close a text, to encourage someone having a bad day. Also the title track to Yvonne Ramage's Album, KOKO.
sorry dude. heard you had a rough one. keep your head up. KOKO
by moorethanme August 24, 2011
The Lord High Executioner of Titipu in Gilbert and Sullivan's masterpiece The Mikado. Ko-Ko is usually played by a baritone. He is generally considered the male lead in this operetta, and while he sings during almost every song, his only true solos are "I've Got a Little List" and "On a Tree By a River."

At the beginning of the operetta, Ko-Ko has been condemned to death for flirting, but the Mikado releases him and makes him the Lord High Executioner. His ward Yum-Yum is to be his bride, but she is in love with Nanki-Poo, the Mikado's son, who is in turn lusted after by a noblewoman named Katisha. After the entire cast attempts multiple times to sort out their mangled love lives, Ko-Ko finds love with Katisha, and they sing their famed duet, "There is Beauty in the Bellow of the Blast."
Ko-Ko has been played by such talented actors as Martyn Green and Eric Idle.
by Pitti-Sing June 23, 2006

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