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a name for someone who is super cool and who gets alot of girls.
that kid reminds me of kohan
by timsnowboard August 11, 2008
A being from the 'Monster Hunter' game series with immeasurable power and abilities. Has the power to bestow k. o.s at crucial moments in a battle. All bow to its power and fear its might!!!!1!!!!!!
You're about to get killed by a rathian, its your last life and you've already given a sigh of failure when BLAMM!!!. K. O. HAN bestows your last attack with incredible power and you k. o. the rathian, clearing the quest.
by jaredthealmighty October 04, 2011
A small brown creature that does not exist.
I ate a kohan and it did absolutely nothing.
by Blue Tentacle March 18, 2005