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1. verb. To inadvertently fuck something up in ways that no normal person could do so on purpose.
2. Noun. A blunderous fool of legendary proportions.
3. Noun (Slang) A closet homosexual
4. Verb. To insist that others are homosexuals in hopes that they won't disagree
1. Dave totally kocied Chaz's keyboard by laying a lit cigarette down on the keys and walking away.
2. Do whatever you like, just don't koci the place up while we're gone.
by lowsignal August 02, 2006
1.) Noun; a man that has the ability to slay ridiculous tail but elects to go home with slam pigs that are on the rag instead.

2.) Noun; a man whose growl makes large jungle cats sound like little, furry, adorable kittens.

3.) Adjective; of or pertaining to the Neanderthal and Cro Magnon homo genus.
Guy 1: Who's that guy growling at the slam pig giving out a rack of shots over there?

Guy 2 (without as much as glancing up): Must be Koci.
by Milo85 February 05, 2010