the act of receiving oral pleasures, expecting sex, and getting none.
I hooked up with his honey at the club, was thinkin I was goin to hit it, but only got kobe'd
by psiv July 31, 2003
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To have your face pooped on by a really stupid rich idiot.
"I didn't realize I was going to get kobe'd just because Tyrone paid for the white castles. I would rather eat my chitlins."
by Running out of patience July 19, 2008
Used in reflection, an action that is particularly well-executed. Most frequently used in form of the expression "Kobe'd that shit."
"You talked that old woman into giving you her life savings?"

"Yeah, I Kobe'd that shit."
by Mat IV October 10, 2008
To enter a young woman's vagina by bending her over a chair, table, etc.
After weeks of dinners, dancing, movies and shows, I finally kobed her at the Holiday Inn Select.
Slang for rape or abuse.
One time I saw this ninja get totally kobe'd by this fuckin badass Pirate. (Ask Matt if you don't believe me)
by BlazinPirate July 21, 2003
To shoot something with such cockiness you look rediculous but it still goes in whatever you are aimed for.
Dude, i just kobed that shit.
by Michale Felker April 19, 2006
A rape young girls without any guilt or liability because of high priced lawyers.
I almost kobed my way through life, but my lawyers didn't accept my "IOU's"
by CP1477 February 10, 2004
To have raped someone, esp. an under-aged woman, and then lie about it.
Mark Kobe'd when he told the police that he didn't know the woman who claimed he raped her.
by Anonymous August 14, 2003

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