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To slip one's knuckle into the crack of an unsuspecting victim. Similar to a credit card but using the knuckle.
When Sally bent down to pick up her shoes, Bryan reach over and gave her the 'ole knuckle butt.
by akellz April 17, 2012
A girl who is so skinny, most likely from anorexia, that when she wears a bikini you can see the bones of her pelvis move around in her ass when she walks because she has almost no butt cheeks.
"Danm! Someone tell that knucklebutt bitch to get some meat on her!"
by Joe July 27, 2003
A guy who is not gay but loves it when a girl penetrates his anus with her finger during sex.
Jeremy's motto is "your not gay if a girl is doing it to you. Guess you can say he's a knuckle butt.
by Ballard757 January 29, 2011
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