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Shit on your hand or knuckle when wiping one's ass.
While wiping I got a case of the brown knuckle.

My roommate had brown knuckle on his finger.
by john January 19, 2004
When some one wipes their ass and their thumb knuckle hits their asshole before the toilet paper does, causing them to have shit on their knuckle.
Tom had to use extra soap to get off the brown knuckle.
by Iambetterthanu February 14, 2008
The failed act of fisting, due to lower intestinal blockage.
Jimmy want to fist his girl, but she was to full to engage, leaving Jimmy with a nasty case of the brown knuckles.
by Jimmy May 13, 2003
To fist another's ass.
Heather bent over amber, made a fist and gave her a brown knuckle.
by Brown Fist October 06, 2003
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