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someone who tries too hard
look at that knocka trying to holla at that badonkadonk

examples: ishaan morolia, andrew schwartzarhtz
by yong xing liang June 02, 2003
Also known as F.N.I.H (Flyest Nigga In Harlem)& C.E.O. of the "Million Dollar Baby's", Knockas a Harlem Ledgend Known for being the youngest and flyest person in Harlem.
Knocka Could be seen drive a candy painted green car thurought the city...
by Anonymous (Harlem) March 28, 2008
The most beatiful, awesome, intelligent girl in the world. Also known as Anneke. Even though she cat food...but at least cats like her.
"Where's my KNOCKA???"
"I love Knocka because she kicks ass"
"Knocka is the love of my life...I love you Knocka!"
by Sam and Katie aka Knocka lovers November 18, 2004

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