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A nickname, displaying affection on a friendship level, used in various parts of England, mainly the North West. Commonly used by scousers and woolybacks.
A'right, cocka!
'Ow ya doin', cocka?
by Hedj February 10, 2005
A hot drink containing a large amount of coffee and hot chocolate to stimulate the brain. Term used by students in the Midlands and Nottinghamshire area use this term.
'A lecture in 20 minutes?!? better make myself a Cocka'
'its 2am an I'm tired, a Cocka is in order'
by Nightfox121 January 02, 2012
Limerick slang for shit!!! moyross area!!
i have to go home and make my cockas!!!!
by eirionn October 21, 2011
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