Top Definition
to drink or go drinking
after the basketball game a few of my friends and i are going to knock back.
by babi_grl247 March 03, 2005
The act of some one attempting to pull you but your not interested and you give them the finger
Girl :Hey your really nice, you wanna go for a drink some time?
Boy :Err sorry not interested.
by Nick July 09, 2004
(verb): to knock, pound, or rap on a wall, floor, or ceiling, whether manually or with an object, in response to undesired sound coming from the other side.

(noun): an act or instance of "knocking back" in response to such a noise.
(verb) Geez, it's 1 AM and their stereo is still blaring. I've gotta knockback.

(noun) They gave us the knockback until we quieted down.
by Linxan August 14, 2009
To get a "Knock Back" from a club/pub

Not allowed in - knocked back

I just got a knock back from that bar

also see - K.B.ED

by ba March 26, 2003
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