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This is normally associated with sexual intercourse carried out at a rough and vigorous pace (most commonly doggy-style), although it can be associated with any activity where it is performed with gusto. This means that you did whatever it was you were doing with particular enthusiasm and/or speed
Good morning Casper. I had a cracking time knocking the back out of Lady Clementine Smyth last night


Gadzooks, I could certainly knock the back out of a few glasses of Moet this evening
by Cockles August 29, 2006
To be incredibly enthusiastic about something, almost to the point of sexual arousal. Used if an aquaintance constantly bleats on about a particular person, place or thing. Normally accompanied by the lifting of the arm gesture whilst slightly bent at the elbow
Golly, Tarquin has an absolute full-bar for playing polo on a Sunday


I have a full-bar for a sweet sherry today
by Cockles August 24, 2006
A crease or gash in the male genitalia of astounding girth.
Girl 1: Blowing John hasn't been the same since he got that assassin's crease.
Girl 2: What do you mean?
Girl 1: There's a huge crease in his dick from wearing those tight jeans.
Girl 2: Oh, my boy has one too, he got ran over by a snowboarder!
by cockles December 30, 2012
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