i saw hella KNOCKS downtown,includen yo moms
by TOWNBIZZNESS June 26, 2005
To have sexual relations with; to fuck; to bump uglies; to straight up get jiggy with it.
Say hoe can I Knock?
by Ricky Bizee March 01, 2004
Knocks is another word for titties.
You really do have big knocks, don't you?
by Highlander59 August 07, 2006
A person who acts: stupid, retarded, dumb, idiot, ect.
Also a term to call someone you dislike.
Colin is such a knock when he is at school.
by That Fool420 February 09, 2011
A unit of measurement for any object that defines how many times it would take to kill someone if you hit them round the head with it.

The lower the knock value, the harder the object is (generally).
Dan: "Hey, this is a good baguette; a nice 150 knocks."

Amy: "This bread is stale, it's lost about 30 knocks."
by Reenix October 23, 2009
Constipation; from the common practice of knocking the table in the game of dominoes which signifies that you "can't go".
"Are you alright, love? Did you have any luck?"
"No, I still can't shift it. I tried again after the figs had got to work, but still had to knock"
by The Organ Grinder May 27, 2008
to screw around, not do work, get into mischief, cause trouble n' shit
All I wanna do today is knock but I have to go to work.
by Nathan April 15, 2004

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