a person who fiend for alcohol alot
last night i cant help being a knock knock for drinking so many beers
by dyvad August 06, 2011
A child hood game that often makes no since what so every. Such as this one that i heard just yesterday.

Knock knock, whos there, bannan, bannan who, arent you glad i didnt say orange?
Noo! i wish you wouldnt have say anyhting at all!
by Mic August 05, 2004
A general phrase describing anything, in any situation... originated from "knock knock messenger."
1) Man, that's just... "knock knock."
2) Fucking knock knockin' bullshit!
3) That's one knock knock hat.
by gesis September 18, 2003
To Grab Somebodies attention...slang for pay attention
Knock Knock mothafucka when you see me on da block
by Dustin407 June 04, 2007
knock knock whos there shartonmis
Funny hahahahahahahahah I sharted myself of laughin
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