A nickname for girls who look unattractive
urgh, what a kniff
by Guns don't kill people October 31, 2010
Top Definition
To be betrayed by someone- Simalar to getting knifed in the heart but not as dramatic.
"Bitch just kniffed me hard!"
"I got kniffed."
by xonvaldeez March 09, 2009
A Kniff or Kniffey is a word or name given to a so called "Political Animal" or unrelatively used as an offensive term for a person studying Government and Politics, Law, English Language and other geeky subjects at college A Level.

Pronounced "ki-niff"
"Your a Kniffing, Kniff, you Backbenching Filibuster, i am genuinely flabigasted with your political stance, you college drop out loser"
by Jim1326 March 13, 2008
Steve Allen once called some guy a knif (fink spelled backwards).he was sued and the judge threw the guy out of his court and told him to go find a sense of humour if he could find as he was badly in need of one.
As Steve Allen pronounced it sounded more like : ke-niff, I think he deliberately yiddished it.
what an idiot that guy must have been, a real kniff.
by oppossum December 20, 2004
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