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Originating from the Nintendo 64 game Wayne Gretsky's 3D Hockey '98 where it was a defensive move in which the player would get on his/her knees in order to block a shot, this word has come to mean an expression of joy or excitement.
see also: w00t
I just won the lottery. Kneez!
by Kevin Poenisch June 06, 2005
3 5
Act of giving someone oral sex. Used as an insult.
"Jimmy, you retard, kneez!"
by Lander December 06, 2005
9 3
originating from a defensive move in wayne gretzky's 3d hockey 98 for nintendo 64, this word is used as an expression of joy or excitement.
"i just shot a 53 in disc golf"
by Kevin Poenisch May 16, 2005
4 7