oversupplied with or excessively involved in something
Leave before your knee deep in sleaze.
by The Return of Light Joker October 13, 2009
You're in real shit. Aka Trouble.
You're knee deep, you little fucker.
by Jollene November 01, 2003
A phrase meaning busy with, or swamped with.
"I'm up to my knees in homework"
by Steph November 01, 2003
Being in lots of trouble, almost a lil over your head, or physically in mud, water, shit, what have u.
You are knee deep in fecal matter
by QC October 31, 2003
Being in so much trouble, it is almost immpossiable to get out of.
You slept with his brother!? Dude, you're soo knee deep!
by Ashley October 31, 2003
A two word phrase used by men to define the amount of pussy they have had.

The time frame for this phrase has to refer to the recent past, say two weeks.
Johns asks Matt: "Gotten laid recently?" In which Matt replies, "Man, I am knee deep in it right now".
by Wiss January 08, 2004
usually knee deep in shit...big trouble
Dude, I'm knee deep in shit!
by Aline October 31, 2003
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