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In an online game this is when there is one player left and the other team has more than one player left.
If the player kills everyone and wins the round it is called a klutch.
Did you see that klutch from whoever before!
by HellPwnz September 26, 2006
klutch means cool. just like fetch,stellar,awesome. klutch is along those lines
"your skirt is so klutch"

"oh shit! that car is so klutch"
by stellar December 28, 2004
When you preform an act of greatness.
"Dude you klutched it yesterday when you destroyed that whole enemy team in CallOfDuty Modern Warfare 2 by yourself"
by alex is who i am January 27, 2010
awesome, ill, sweet, amazing, rad
say for instance you were on a road trip and didnt have the head phones to your ipod and you asked everyone and one person goes i have a pair.. thats klutch
by chick on my tip January 27, 2009
A well known computer gamer featured in a range of eSport media.
arn't you klutch from the movies?
by theCPL June 05, 2007
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