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Klick is a common military term meaning kilometer when referring to distance. Its use became popular among US soldiers in Vietnam during the 1960s, although veterans of the war recall its usage as early as the 1950s. The term is of unknown origin. It is likely to be an example of condensed pronunciation or contraction of the term kilometer, although other theories exist.
We're about 2 klicks south of your position.
by emorog August 21, 2008
Military talk for kilometer, it is properly spelled "klick" not "click".
Enemy combatants spotted up north, I estimate around 25 klicks away.
by Jassim the Great August 09, 2009
Canadian slang for kilometre - either speed or distance.
Distance: Hamilton is about 50 klicks from Toronto.
Speed: I was doing about a 120 klicks.
by Beowulf_cam February 14, 2005
Sexual partner of a lognar. Looses self control at the drop of a hat. Enjoys anal penetration.
You like to see my arse Klick.
Oh thats the spot Lognar!
by unclebobsticle September 26, 2006
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