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A system of government characterized by rampant corruption and misallocation of public funds.
That country is a kleptocracy in which nothing is accomplished without greasing the palms of government officials.
by Joseph T. Rodolico May 18, 2005
"The Governance of Thieves" - Technical term, mixed from the psychological term "cleptomania" or "kleptomania" - the urge to steal, and the greek sillable "cratia" - the rule of, as in "democracy".
Often applied to the rulers of Subsaharan African states.
The problem of most African countries is not lack of food, but those kleptocrats in power.
by sam195 August 01, 2005
A corrupt governmental body made up of thieves, also sullied by nepotism and croneyism.
The county government is a perfect example of a kleptocracy
by ghost3x7 April 20, 2009
The United States. A country were politicians only care unless there's something in it for them, as only those who lie the best get elected to further abuse power.
I love living in a kleptocracy, money for pointless neverending wars, dieases without cure, and school books from 1960.
by D The R March 14, 2006
see above ... the United States
Any government led by a Bush is surely a kleptocracy. The just fuck shit up in multiple ways ... fucktards
by freeztyle March 20, 2006
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