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Short for 'kleptomaniac', 'klepto' is a person obsessed with stealing.
"You don't wanna trust Rob with your keys, man, he's a klepto!"

"She's completely klepto."
by Raventooth July 31, 2004
11 8
A person who has a compulsion to steal; a kleptomaniac.

Adding to ones inventory what is not there's.
Jen likes to steal all of our supplies from the dispensary.
Everyone is missing combs, clips, brushes, and manicure bowls because she like to add them to her collection.
She is such a klepto
by QueenOfHearts19 March 18, 2013
2 0
Someone who steals
"Watch out for ol Klepto over there! he steals!"
by Johnnywalker December 24, 2013
1 0
1.someone who enjoys stealing; a compulsive theif
2. to steal
1. watch ur shit man that chicks a klepto.
2. wanna go klepto some coricidin?
by Gaybi July 11, 2004
8 7
a person who steals compulsively, a kleptomaniac
That kid is a damn klepto.
by The Return of Light Joker March 28, 2011
2 2
Short for Kelptomaniac. Someone who collects and/or steals things at random and without reason. Someone with Kleptomania.
Yo homes, that nigga got klepto! Waste his ass!

I want to definte the word klepto on urbandictionary.com
by Bob July 30, 2004
21 21
master thief.
someone with a uncontrollable urge to steal stuff.
bender rodriguez.
the IRS.
1. lupin the third
2. not sure which klepto to put here
3. "bite my shiny metal ass"
4. april 15
by green card March 22, 2006
3 7