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Kleo, an origination form of a comonly used jamacan boys name, "Kleodanza."

"Kleo" meaning charcole/dark.

Also pertaining to the Latin word "Kleo," meaning a rare yet serious form of AIDS.

The clouds are so "Kleo" today, I think it will rain.
by Carter Wall April 20, 2009
verb: to catch feline AIDS
Slutty cats catch kleo, not mice.
by newtdecay November 11, 2007
kleos is the greek word for honor and glory. When you conquer something that was extremely challenging, you are said to have reached Kleos. This was used as a word to describe what the greek soldiers fought for in battle, such as in Homer's book the Illiad.
Once we get to the top to this mountain, we will achieve kleos!
by hsgreek December 12, 2009