When someone on a trampoline gets double bounced, loses control, and lands on a poor soul.
Joe gets double bounced and lands on Amin.
Amin: Dude what the heck man why'd you klein me?
Joe: Sorry man
by yo_its_me August 26, 2006
Klein is another name for a douchebag.
"look at that Klein over there yelling at his girlfriend. didn't he cheat on her last week?"
by Kate021010 April 14, 2010
Verb: Named after a particularily racist and bigoted user on the imdb forums. This refers to the practice of composing a single long,post and then using cut-paste to spam the boards with it without provocation. This can involve a month-old post or a new one, but it is generally used when the person in question keeps posting the same ramble over and over again, instead of using actual language.

Also called Kleining
"Would you please stop kleining all over the place? Post something different."
by Falcon2 August 14, 2005
Klein, Andy: noun

The guy who sends little black boys over with flowers for me, and is also known for bringing me iced tea.
Andy Klein is a sweetheart.
by bella June 21, 2004
A bald man who uses careyistc speech and puts down those dummber than himself. Also a man who has nothing to do but make up vocabualry test so he can make puns.
Mr. Klein enjoys silly puns that interupt the learning process.
by Art Garfunkel July 07, 2004
An old man with nothing better to do than sit home with his old woman and make science tests. He talks like a gameshow host and looks like a retarded horse jockey. Other names for Klein include, captain Klein , commander Klein, and the Kliziner.
Klein is such a douche bag.
by Ralphus April 13, 2004
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