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1. A situation so confusing and chaotic that the American-English "cluster fuck," is not adequate to describe it. The German compound word is used to create a deep and profound sense of cluster fuck.


1945; < Nazi Germany - in the closing months of WWII, the German forces described their situation as klausterfokken, a Germanization of the American soldier's use of the phrase "cluster fuck."
"When the American Republican Party nominated a presidential candidate who was later found to be homosexual, the national conservative political scene could only be described as klausterfokken."
by pclick January 27, 2012
adj. Another way of saying "clusterfuck"; describes a multitude of calamities/fuck-ups.

Contrary to popular belief, "klausterfokken" is not a real German word.
Steven Colbert (on if Gingrich won the presidency): "Yes, there is no English word for that kind of melt down. The closest is the German "Klausterfokken". Now... compound word klauster-fokken. Foo-ken, Foo-ken."
by mexicanfoodistooethnicforme February 05, 2012
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