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meaning stupid or retarted
"i got an 27 on my exam!"

"haha, you're klant"
by sparky mcgee March 21, 2007
1 A klant refers to a womens private area, however a klant is not a particiluarly aestehtically pleasing sight (often with a pungid aroma).

2 A person who is generally not very pleasant (see cunt)
1 )I pulled down her pants expecting something sweet but all i saw was a filthy klant.

2) see that guy other there hes a massive klant
by nogz007 May 19, 2011
A ladies private area, however the word klant relates to a particularly unsightly or unkempt vagina (usually accomponied with a strong aroma)
I pulled down her pants expecting some sweetness but i all got was a filthy klant looking back at me.
by nogz007 May 23, 2011