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the two only needed ingredients are simple as and it's easy to make.
nestle reduced cream + maggi onion soup = kiwi dip.
merely mix the two together and you'll have what all the ex-pats are craving as they depressively dip their chips into some fancy hummus, when really, all they want is some good ol' kiwi dip.
how phone calls to mum from nz ex-pats usually end.

steve: ...rashuns, burger rings, l&p, marmite, perky nana, five packs of pineapple lumps, moro... NO, not mars bars. MORO. anything cadbury. oh yeah, chuck in some kiwi dip and salt and vinegar chips to go with 'em, alright? ...yeah, yeah, okay, love you mum. bye.
by Citronic July 12, 2009
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To give your mates a hoon on your missus.
Hey bro, grab your brother and come round. We're having a bbq and a kiwi dip - we've just had the mirror replaced on the bedroom ceiling!
by AlexKN January 23, 2013
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