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Kitty Play is a type of Pet Play which involves role playing a feline animal and electing a sexual partner to role play as the Owner/Master etc, it is a form of BDSM. There are many other types of Pet Play involving role playing other types of animals.

Pet play is nothing to do with real animals & beastiality! It's iust playing pretend and it's super fun to give up being human for a while and relinquish control to your Master.
If you want to try Kitty Play, catgirls can be found in high up places or cosy beds, or in the deepest wildest parts of Tumblr, you can attain a catgirl by putting a box in a ray of sunlight and filling it with Swedish fish lollies, pillows and a new collar. Then wait quietly as to not startle her and then close the box once the Catgirl is inside, now you have your very own sex kitten!
by Daddieslittlestraykitten October 28, 2015
Submissive female/male, who dresses as a kitten whilst having sex using fluffy tail butt plugs, wearing collars, cat ears, etc.

As they are "pussaycats" they are owed hence why it is mainly submissive partners, whom take on the role.
Come and "kittyplay" with me.

"Kittyplay " in bed.
by Misdoo October 13, 2015
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