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Combining MDMA (ecstasy) with Ketamine.
me: I fell down while i was kitty flipping last weekend!
VT: I was kitty flipping too! I took shroomz and lsd and extacy and ketamine all at once I'm pretty badass huh?
me: That't not kitty flipping, that's retarded.
by nektr May 31, 2009
1) Taking ketamine or special K & XTC/MDMA
2) Female masturbation
3) When a female goes ape shit
1) I don't care about acid, I'm kittyflippin' at the party
2) She likes to kittyflip to Hentai
3) Bunny kittyflipped when she found out there was no more vodka in the liquor cabinet
by catfight12 January 11, 2009
When you do ketamine and extacy and shrooms and LSD at the same time.
No its not hippie flip becuase you need ketamine.
Lets go to a rave and kitty flip!
by Von trash February 12, 2009
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