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snuggling in which 3 or more people crowd into a warm space and nap
(not usually sexual)
when we got back from the concert, we were so tired that we layed on the couch and kittened
by Laura March 02, 2005
The act of kittens, who aren't quite old enough to know better, trashing up an environment when left unsupervised for too long. May also refer to the act of cleaning up after said kittens.
"The kittening that took place while we were gone for the weekend was extreme. We'll be cleaning all week! I can't believe they shredded every spare roll of toilet paper in the pantry. How did they open the door in the first place??"
by Pea Kay March 20, 2012
Older boys, usually 16-20 years old picking up underaged girls (usually around 13-14) that falls in love with them because they're older than them and cooler than the boys their age. The girls usually fall heavily in love with the boys, who plays along just for sex and a laugh. What the boy is doing here is kalled kittening.
"Crystal is SO in love with Brad!"
"Haha! I know! Brad's just kittening"
by Torstein September 11, 2005

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