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Fat, Ugly, Stupid, Naive, Sheltered. A loser who needs to get her head read. She thinks she can call people sluts just cos they have slept with someone before they are married. Just cos she is nine years old DOES NOT give her the right to insult other poeple no matter how pathetic she is.
kittengirl444 is a pathetic loser who pissed me off so much I had to stoop to her level and insult her on urban dictionary.
by Michelle December 11, 2003
someone who use the word slag too much
god stop with the kittengirl444
by Ihatekittengirl December 12, 2003
9 year old girl who goes on teenager websites and types very well.
I'm leaving ellegirl!

Oh wait I'm going to stay now!
by Julia December 12, 2003
You guys have to much spare time..lol. Me 2 tho :) And kittengirl44 sucks.
Kittengirl has a huge annoyingly noticeable tooth gap.
by :):):) December 14, 2003