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What kittens love to wear when it's cold. From the latin phrase kittano mittono.
Mr Boots the kittycat wears his kitten kittens when it's cold.
by l0rd_hex January 11, 2004
Mittens for little tiny kittens when it gets cold in the out-of-doors.
The cutest crap ever!!
by Julia June 22, 2004
A condom.
'you'd better put on a kitten mitten, if you want that pussy'
by Zach 'Tay Tay' July 13, 2008
A mitten in which women find arousing when place on the clitorial part of the sexual reproductive system.
Wow. What a mitten.
Fuck me with that kitten mitten
by max juan January 03, 2005
when you get pissed off at a cat and make mittens out of it
bob:what are those mittens made out of
jon:bitch thease are kitten mittens everyone needs a pair
by mike gallo August 15, 2006