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a cat or kitten that looks like adolf hitler
Joey: Hey like my new cat
Mark: Whoa cool thats a kitler
Joey: ?
Mark: See the marking under its nose and on top of its head that makes it resemble Hitler if he was cute, fuzy, and wheighed 3 pounds
by jizzle dizzle July 20, 2006
A Kitler is a cat or kitten that bears a strong resemblance to Adolf Hitler. Kitler's typically have a dark coloured or black patch of hair directly below the nose that resembles Hitler's infamous mustache.
Mom: Why don't you take fluffy out to play with the other kittens?

Girl: Idk why mom but fluffy won't play with the other cats, mostly the different coloured ones.

Mom: Well, it's official...Fluffy's a Kitler then.
by urbanr0cker May 12, 2008
cats that look like Hitler
I saw a cat that had a small black patch under his nose and i bid black spot on his head with a white body. My friend said it was a Kitler
by Arugula37 August 26, 2008
An abnormally restless kitten who is, most likely, up to no good.
Friend: Why is your cat constantly racing around, knocking sh*t over, and attacking you from behind the futon??
Me: Because Scout's no ordinary kitten...he's a Kitler.
by lolomg2cute101 September 07, 2011
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