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someone who dresses up as a character, (i.e. police officer, doctor, french maid) goes to parties, and kisses people. They don't strip, they just kiss.
Mary didn't want a stripper at her bachelorette party, so we just have a kissogram instead.
by lilyhache July 30, 2013
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Portmanteau of "kiss" and "telegram", it is a nickname used when verbalisng passing on affection of the physical form by proxy.

Often just a figure of speech, although can be accompanied by said affectionate action followed by a declaration "That wasn't from me, it was from ____!"
"Hey, I'm seeing Jess later."
"Oh I miss her, haven't seen her in ages! Send her a kissogram from me."

(Later meeting with 'Jess' may be accompanied by actual kiss, but probably won't be.)
by ACDigital September 28, 2009

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