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Mysterious force in the field of Drum & Bass, often used as a yardstick to measure other people's music.
This beat wouldn't suck so much if Kiro had been involved.
by d-zine February 15, 2005
One who exudes cunning wit as well as an excellent taste for both style and red meat.
"Kiro clowned that raw T-Bone with a panache known to a select few ninjas."
by Unknown February 15, 2005
A punk band from Alberta, Canada whose lyrics strongly support believing in yourself and not caring what other people think. They're about living life to the fullest.
If I could, then I would. I'd take this all away from you.
by Sarah Psiurski September 18, 2004
Turkish slang word to describe ignorant,rude,sometimes criminal group of people whose are driving modified heapy cars,listens to arabesk music,wears white socks under black pants.also means in Kurdish small boy
Dude are you kiro why are you listening Ýsmail YK's music?
by fearofthedark February 09, 2008
is another name for an alien who eats shit.
This creature thinks it is cool by shuffling around everywhere to the wiggles beats. Never showers, stinks like horse fieces.
Plays COD 24/7 as he's a gimp who is training to become a filthy terrorist.
"ewwww look at that cockroach," "Nah bro, thats just kiro."
by rehhhhh October 29, 2011
One who gets bit by spiders. And then calls them faggots.
He was a kiro of our time. Faggot!
by Anonymous February 15, 2005
General all around faggot. See also retard
Mr. Kiro, well, no explination needed for THAT guy.
by Anonymous January 20, 2005
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