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noun: a superior breed of kirk capable of great sexual and intellectual persuits.

adjective: someone with kirkalicious qualities, or a kirkalicious action
noun: that aint any ol kirk, thats a kirkalicious

adjective: that history report was kirkalicious
by mister crowkley January 16, 2010
14 3
Description of a man who always has a beer in hand and secretly wants to purchase a blowup pool and a lawn chair to sit in while he drinks. His car gives girls headaches and he is sometimes mistaken for a cranky old man. Despite this, he's the guy that every girl wants but never gets.
That guy is soooo Kirkalicious.

Break me off a piece of that Kirkalicious hotty, he's just so yummyyyyyyy.
by Pizzaman034 April 12, 2013
5 0