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When someone playing a boardgame cannot win, but is in a position to determine who does. Someone who, instead of trying to win, helps an opponent win.
Even though Kris lost that game of Risk, she played kingmaker by helping Joe defeat me.
by Mike Yarram March 24, 2007
An alcoholic shot consisting of 50% vodka and 50% red Amp energy drink served in a double shot glass.
Dude, I was downing Kingmakers at that party last night and it kept me wired until 8:30 this morning!

I totally had three heart attacks from the Kingmakers I was drinking.
by Aus Haus January 23, 2009
A king maker is someone(often female) who pumps up a person's self-esteem so much they make a monster out of them. Victims of a king maker are often egotistical and lost of all past character as product of the incident, soon after they are abandoned by their friends because of their un-attractive attitude. King Makers are often naive of their effects and are most likely in-secure themselves. Beware their dangers.
"Bobby used to be so genuine, then he went out with Kayla and turned into a jerk. She's a total king maker"
by Chersay'sfml December 23, 2011
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