Rediculus word coined by The National Institute on Media and the Family to describe graphic violence in video games.

See also killorific
"If pornographic is the 'graphic depiction of sex,' then killographic should enter our vocabulary to describe the 'graphic depiction of brutal violence,"'
by Sam December 11, 2003
Top Definition
1. A word to cover up parent's lack of responsibility over what games their children play, because they are too blind to read the ESRB raiting.
2. Games that are too "violent".
The word killographic is a joke.
by Sogard December 11, 2003
Term coined by the National Institute on Media and the Family to describe media, specifically video games, which make use of 'graphic depiction of brutal violence'. Derived from the word pornographic, where as it describes graphic sexual content, killographic describes graphic violent content.
The National Institute on Media and the Family says the game Manhunt is killographic.
by Washington Irving December 11, 2003
1. Anything exceedingly positive.
2. Anything cool.
Dude! That car is killographic!

Check out the curves on that chick! She's totaly killographic!
by Joseph Anchorhead December 12, 2003
adj. describes video game scenes that are violent, or awesome

It was given to us by fascist senators and uptight parents that are too busy to pay attention to what their kids watch and play and so much as look at the warning labels on the games that until recently were enough.
Unreal Tournament 2004 looks so killographic!
by Chase December 10, 2003
1.Ridiculous term invented by the "National Institute on Media and the Family" to compare video games that include gore to porn.

2.Anything really really bad.
1. People who don't like killographic games will be killed by Halo/Half-life/Goldeneye fanboys

2. Man, I lost my keys, that's totally killographic.
by Disgruntled Fanboy December 10, 2003
As pornography is the "graphic depiction of sex," killography is the "graphic depiction of brutal violence."
The game Manhunt is extremely killographic.
by Andy December 11, 2003
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