A woman who gives you a frank and honest smile even though you've done something less than kind to her. But deep inside shes planning her own diabolical revenge behind that pretty little smile....
So she kills you but she does without losing her cool, secretly and indiscriminately..like a cunning monarch, or in that song by queen...
May also reffer to a highly flamboyant homosexual male.
Killer Queen
Ok so say your walking down the hallway at school after a long weekend and you see some girl you know. You two were at some party last night and you were both pretty wasted. While intoxicated you two had done some horrible things and out of stupidity you blurted out that you suddenly remembered that she was going down on some random guys and everyone around was listening. You think shes going to be pretty pissed at first but instead she just smiles sort of and you carry on with your day.

But its A TRAP!

She turns around and after school she passes a rumour through her extended network of friends throughout the school district that at that same party you got so drunk that you took off your pants to convince some girl you had a big thing so she'd have sex with you and instead she started laughing cuz you had actually had a button dick!
by DracoRex September 06, 2009
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-She's Guaranteed to blow your mind

-Drop of a hat she's as willing as Playful as a pussy cat

-To absolutely drive you wild
"That woman is a Killer Queen."
by katie March 28, 2005

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