really strong weed. killer weed
man you got any killer
yea yea 10 bucks a g

this killer is killer
by Don Eval March 09, 2008
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A game you play with a joint or any other marijuana smoking device.
You take a hit and pass it to the next person who does the same, you have to hold in the smoke until the joint gets back to you.
This gets harder if there are more people in the circle
A variation is progressive Killer this is when you increase the amount of hits each time the J goes round the circle
"Yo Niall, rich you up for killer?"
"progressive or normal?"
"progressive man, were hardcore!"
by Chris April 28, 2006
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I've got a new identity. It's going to be killer.
by JenkaDicto October 12, 2016
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When a planned event/action/food/etc has a predetermined level of awesomeness which it is expected to reach. If said event/etc reaches this level it is considered to be killer. Surpassing is preferred.
ok so youre going to see a movie right? and you think its going to be really good, and then when you see it it was totally rad.

therefore it was killer.

"this weed is killer"
by Madaju December 01, 2007
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Another slang term for oxycontin.
I like killers.
by AgentABC October 13, 2003
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When someone asks you a question that you would have no chance of knowing, yet they still expect an answer. Often just them thinking out loud.
friend: Hmmm... what flavor ice cream will I like?

me: I'm not your taste buds.

is an example of a killers
by korrupt12 April 21, 2011
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The most common username in online games (especially FPS), used by n00bs who think they're being really cool and original.

These people will most likely be nerds.

Many variations of this name are also commonly used, such as "killa", "killah" etc.
<killer> WtF tHaT kIlL wAs TeH pWn4gE
<killa> wtf lyk omg lyk stfu lyk n00b
<killah> Omfg what is up with you gays stealing my name?
<confused> wtf???
by sn!pershot August 10, 2005
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