A card game in which the object is to get rid of all your cards before everyone else.
rules of killer:

1) 3 of clubs starts the game off

2) the game proceeds in a clockwise rotation starting from whoever has the 3 of clubs

3) suits do matter and progress in alphabetical order (clubs are lowest then diamonds, then hearts and spades are highest)

4) whatever number of cards is thrown down stays that way until control of the hand is switched (ex if someone throws down the 3 of clubs and the next person has the other 3 3s they cant throw them all down they can either throw down one of those 3s or throw down a higher card)

5) 4 of a kind is referred to as a bomb and can be thrown down at any time this usually results in control of the hand being shifted to the person who threw the bomb unless someone has a higher bomb to throw

6) the 2 of spades is the highest individual card that can be thrown
person #1 "hey i want to play asshole"
person #2 "so do i but we got no booze and the packie is closed"
Person # 3 " i know! lets play killer!"
Person #1+2 "go kill yourself"
by themasteroftask December 09, 2009
Top Definition
very cool
That laser light show was killer!
by Bungalow Bill December 12, 2001
A name given to someone who suddenly becomes over agressive and violent.
Woa slow down killer!
by Matt Mcelhinney August 26, 2005
Awesome band; The Killers are from Las Vegas, Nevada. The band is made up of Brandon Flowers- vocals, Dave Keuning- guitar, Mark Stoermer- bass, and Ronnie Vannucci- drums.
The new single from The Killers is called Bones, it was directed by Tim Burton.
by Natalia Lucio November 27, 2006
an adjective used to describe high quality thc based substances.
damn, those are some killer thai sticks.
by toomuchtime September 15, 2005
O.J. Simpson
(person 1) should i get the apple juice or the orange juice?
(person 2) i'd go for the apple juice cuz the oj is killer
by tripp296 December 29, 2008
Excellent,outstanding,extreemely satisfying.Very powerfull.All you can take.
Have you tried the burgers at the new choke and puke? They are killer.
That was one killer movie we say last night.
by wright May 21, 2005
A nickname U.S. Marines call eachother.

This term used to be an insult during the post-Vietnam era when servicemembers came home to being called "baby killers". It was turned around and made positive.
"Hey killer."

"Woah slow down there, killer"

by jaynahc April 06, 2009
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