Killa - literally a gujarati (indian) translation of nail
can be used as a verb to replace bang
So I totally Killa-ed that chick we met at the party last night
id kill that so hard
by chitchatchutclit July 19, 2011
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Top Definition
fine ass weed. u trip over one hit. its normaly puff puff pass. wit killa it puff pass out.
that nigga is hoggin the killa. he done turnt me into a killa
by AnDiZzYo October 09, 2003
the best out there; number one
My killa mix lit up the joint last night at the club
by Tim September 28, 2004
Some fire azz weed, one hitta quitta!
Yo, go holla at Dre, he got dat Killa!
by SouthernBoi August 13, 2003
-a murderer (obvious)
-really good weed
-a term white people can use instead of nigga, same amount of syllables but not "racist"
-He's a killa
-I'm puffin on that killa
-Whaddup killa?
by Jilla Killa March 22, 2009
someone or something cool
thats a real killa car
by p January 15, 2004
Really Fucking good pot, not wigger blunt material.
Yo, pass tha killa
by Anonymous March 03, 2003
A cathartic release of emotions usually conveying a positive feeling
Killa 1: Dawg, U of A just wont the pac-10 championship!
Killa 2: KILLAAAAAAA BABY!!!!!!!!!
by killa baby September 19, 2009

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