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The son of George Bush.So as not to be confused with the Father
V.O. "Is George W here?"
Doorman. "Do you mean the Father or the Son?"
V.O. "No the singer."
by seaumus February 16, 2005
A word that is derived from the Afrikaans word for poison,`gif'. This was used by coastal pot smokers to describe a strain of natural skunkthat is called Durban Poison Gifs.The word evolved into kiff,amongst english speaking Natalians describing anything that is bad or wicked or simply the best.
"Hey shoo wow man,..like,this zol is hectic man!
,its f....ng awesome."

"Yeh its Kiff"
by seaumus February 16, 2005
something that is insignificant in comparison
He pulled up next to me in this pisswilly car of his.
by seaumus February 16, 2005
word of Afrikaans (language spoken by South Africans of Dutch descent) derivative describing the bashing together of two opposing vaginas
Hilda and Martie enjoyed a lekker koekstomp session.
by seaumus February 16, 2005
swimming below the surface
"can you swim retawrednu"
"Im not a retard dude"
"No man,underwater, fucktard"
by seaumus April 07, 2005
Afrikaans word meaning poison which came to be used to describe a certain strain of cannabis grown in Kwa-zulu Natal, otherwise known as Durban Poison
The outie rocked up here with 17 saltbags, full of Gifs, ek se`
by seaumus February 16, 2005
S.African slang used by Urban africans and those of Indian descent in Kwa-zulu Natal to descibe a young man who is a bit of a wiseguy.
that outie knows his way around
by seaumus February 16, 2005

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