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(this is against the law, so don't make this. If you see something like this alert the right people. heh.)

A tool used to shake kif out of canabbis by hand. Two box halves, usually wooden, one with a mirror covering the inside lid. One central piece like a box with no lid, just four walls and a screen across the whole opening. In each of the four corners on the open sides of the lids are magnets, the magnets on both lids facing north or south out. In every corner of the central piece are magnets with the opposite polarity. The Mary Jane is placed in the lid without the mirror, the screen is put on, then the mirrored lid is put on. The box is then turned upside down and shaken. Kif comes off of the plant and down onto the mirror. The top two layers are taken off and the kif is scraped up with some kind of card or blade. Then some or all of the kif is sprinkled on top of a pipe or bong packed with pot.
"Dude, my dealer just hooked me up with a kifbox and some white rhino! Bring some ice cream over."
by Stemmy October 04, 2006
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