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A kidiot is a combination kid and idiot; basically a kid that has so little a clue as to what he/she is going, that they just BS their way through it.

Synonyms: flamer, Patamonkid
Some Kid: Did you hear that new Pokemon game just came out?!
You: Dude... STFU... Pokemon is gay.
Some Kid: NUH UH! im gay im gay blah blah blah I WIN!!! POKEMON ROX!!!
You: Bah. Riddled by another kidiot... I feel dumber just by being in your presence!
by Eskimo November 19, 2002
a kid that is an idiot; stupid.
powder is a kidiot; enemy territory kids
by trev1 December 01, 2006
A child who is especially incompetent. Word usually uttered by irate parents.
Child: Can I take the computer in the tub, Mommy?
Mother: Suit yourself, kidiot.
by Sabeenerz August 11, 2008
A person too stupid to understand cultural references, due to their young age.
Girl: Alright! I love s'mores!
Guy: S'more what?
Girl: What?

Guy: You're killin' me Smalls... It's a quote from The Sandlot.
Girl: Who is Smalls? What's The Sandlot?
Guy: What a kidiot...
by JordanJordanJordan June 27, 2013
Referring to a child doing something dumb. Because sometimes children are just little stupid people.
That kidiot just tried to flush a teddy bear in the downstairs bathroom!
by clampunk September 26, 2010
Someone who comits an act of stupidity based on immature of childish decision making
The guy is 25, but he's a kidiot. He ate 3 ghost chillies at the same time.
by TiSoljur June 04, 2015
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