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Uber cool. So supremely epic, it's almost impossible.
Girl, those shoes iz pimpin'!
by Sabeenerz August 11, 2008
A child who is especially incompetent. Word usually uttered by irate parents.
Child: Can I take the computer in the tub, Mommy?
Mother: Suit yourself, kidiot.
by Sabeenerz August 11, 2008
Just a longer, more annoying, much more drawn out way of saying "That's cool."
Dude, you got tickets to that concert? That so totally rawks out loud!
by Sabeenerz August 11, 2008
An exclamation in place of holy sh*t.
Holy SHIP! No one told ME there was a pop quiz today!!!
by Sabeenerz August 11, 2008
This is when there are cushions on the out on top of the bow of the boat, so semi-attractive girls, often ones in skimpy bathing suits, can tan. Alot.
Hey look, that boat has a Bimbo Baker!
by Sabeenerz August 11, 2008
1. To flash your nether regions, often when getting out of a car.
2. To not wear shoes to a public bathroom.
3. To (god forbid) marry K-Fed. Eeew...
"Ugh... Yesterday, I caught my third hour teacher Pulling A Britney in the faculty parking lot. Eeew..."
by Sabeenerz August 11, 2008
A totally pimpin hat usually worn to illustrate awesomeness, worn on a Friday.
Person 1: Cool hat!
Person 2: Thanks. It's my new Friday Pimp Hat.
by Sabeenerz August 11, 2008

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