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Buying something you don't want or need from a co-worker or friend's kid, hoping to build karma for the next time your kid is selling something.
You: Why on earth did you buy 20 boxes of thin mints!?!
Me: Kid pro quo: Joe's daughter is a girl scout - and you know Billy's school has a fund raiser this fall.
by yogamomma February 18, 2010
When two parental units (single or duo) send a responsible and/or experienced kid off to monitor the less responsible and/or inexperienced, resulting in parental relaxation.
G(9th grader): Can I go to (BadBoy)'s house?
Mother of G: Only if C(junior) goes with you?
G & C & C's mom: Yeah!
All Parents: Kid Pro Quo!
by PrincetonTiger November 28, 2009
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