A means of attack/defense, performed by swinging the leg hard and using the foot to transfer the energy to the victim/attacker.

In simplified terms, hitting someone with your foot.
Ex. 1

"I am about to swing my leg hard and use my foot to transfer the energy to you."

"Oh shit!"

Ex. 2

"I'ma kick you."

"You son of a bitch."
by Tuck Tucker February 25, 2009
Kick can be used to describe something as "kick ass", cool, dope, "off da chain", awesome, etc.
"That dude's steez is pretty kick"
"Dawg that girl Giuli is the kick!"
"Word, she's kickin"
by Fiddy Yen November 02, 2008
A cellular device popular amongst the 15-25 age group. Also refered to as sidekick.
Ever since I got my kick, I can't see myself using any other phone!
by nesiri February 08, 2008
the backside of a female; ass; booty
That girl got too much kick on her
by Chris Robinson December 17, 2007
Keep It Cool Kinfolk; This expression can be used as a way of saying "good bye."
Ya'll want to hit up that party tonight?! Aight patnas, K.I.C.K.!
by The Zoocrew January 26, 2006
slang for shoes
aye mah dude, you're laced up proper.
by W.S.H.bone September 14, 2003
When a customer comes into a store and wastes a salespersons time with non sales questions thus causing the salesperson to miss sales and become generally pissed off. Usually the customer will spend hours asking questions a three year old would know.
That customer who didn't know where the power button was on her phone just kicked me real hard.
by Drummermanryan November 25, 2012

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