To play a song a high degree of skill; possibly to improvise.
How about, we'll kick it. I'll say "kick it" and you just kick it with a tasty groove... ready... kick it... kick it... come on goddammit Kyle could you one time kick it what the fuck? We have a crucial clutch-cargo gig coming up Kyle you COCKSUCKER! You don't give a shit and I've been sittin' around gettin' sick of your attitude! You fucker! You fuckin' biiitch!
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003
An expression of acceptance similar to "OK" or "aye aye".
"We're eating pancakes at lams tonight, are you in?"

"Kick it."


"Did you come pick up your bike?"

"Yeah I got it."

"Kick it."
by Poole April 15, 2007

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