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Afraid of "losing out" to other people.
These parents are so kiasu! School hasn't started yet for their Primary One children and they're already buying tons of assessment books.
by Dissipate April 04, 2004
scared lose
Wah one time take so much!
Don't so kiasu can or not!
by ---- March 03, 2003
Originates from Singapore, Chinese Hokkien dialect. Means 'afraid to lose out', 'competitive to the point of doing anything just to win', 'cannot bear to lose'.
John is 'kia su' that he will not pass his trial exams.
by Michow November 29, 2004
being greedy.. very very greedy...
E.g in a buffet restaurant
wa.. u so kiasu for what? one shot take 5 plates.. can finish or not?
by Tristan Legolas September 10, 2004
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