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hot chick, most intelligent mabey slow at times but not very, nicest person i know
wow khushbu is sooo hot
by blah July 23, 2004
1) 132480 * 99999999999999999999
2) THE grestestest person in my life
3) nicest person i kno
4) PeRfEcT
Dump that looser n get with the hot stuff...
by areyou177 September 04, 2004
A self-obsessed and uncaring person who doesn't care if she's being a bitch by hurting others neither does she mind expressing her inner-most sexual desires in the internet but goes in denial outside the internet.
oh wow, you're now moving to someone else, you have to be a fucking khushbu to do that.
by ahmed7823 June 11, 2011
khushbu - one that tries hard but yet still is very unattractive...when she puts on makeup she looks like an tall umpa lumpa..
e.x. oh come on don't pull a khushbu on us plz...
by ak007 May 22, 2009